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From Harleys to Polaris a Rental Place Offers a Glimpse of Days Past

About two years ago a few chums and I went on a road trip like days gone by. Years ago we all owned Harleys. Half of us had Harley Davidsons, while some had the cheaper motorcycles like Confederates or Polarises. But we've all moved on. attend little league games. But we do occasionally pretend to be the malcontents we once were. Some could call us riders cling to the past, but I'll take what I can get.

We take to the road a couple times a year. Once when it warms up, and again in the fall. When we go to the Harley rental shop we're like a hoard of kids in a toy shop. I usually get a Fat Boy, but there are a myriad of varieties to pick from.

And we're off on an adventure. We usually do about 700 miles across the West. We're on our bikes only for the weekend. But just that taste keeps us from going crazy. motorcycle financing Leesburg, VA allows me to hang onto the past

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