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Protecting Belongings With Tarps Not as Bad as it Seems

My chore seemed simple, but that wasn't the case. We live in wet Salem, Oregon, where a hole in anything will be filled quickly with rain. Which is why us residents of the rain need all the assistance we can get in regards to protecting our possessions from rainy weather. Personally, I have a truck, a go-cart, and an ATV sitting next to my home with no protection. To preserve them I bought custom canvas patio covers Utah to stop moisture from ruining my stuff.

RV Covers, Awnings, Shade Screen, Patio Enclosures & Canopies

These tarps do a fantastic job at keeping moisture out, and they are more affordable than purchasing and installing an awning. Too bad all that stuff can't fit below my patio area. It's quite simple for me to take with me everywhere.

The rain will go on but now there is some affordable protection.